Set of 4 Cape Malay Cooking Recipe Books

Set of 4 Cape Malay Cooking Recipe Books

** Special offer **

Set of 4 PDF eBooks
R95 (SA)
£7 (UK)
$11 (USA)

Set of 4 paper back copies
R280 + postage (SA)
£25 + postage (UK)
$38 + postage (USA)

email @ to order yours now.


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  1. Sharon Hoffman

    I want to purchase a book= Cape malay cooking and other delights…Please advise.

  2. Slm

    My son is in cpt, otherwise i will deposit the money to post.Could you perhaps tell me where we can buy these books in cape town.



  3. Salaam I would like to purchase hard copies of these books, could you please let me know how much it would be including postage to Auckland, New Zealand.
    Thank you

  4. Is this a scam I payed for the books and still did not receive anything what is this

  5. Hi I would like to purchase the 4 pdf books, how do I go about it

  6. Hw do I purchase these books

  7. Good day,

    Kindly advise how I should go about ordering the cookbooks as advertised.



  8. Amina Toefy

    Salaam….I would like toe purchase a set of 4 in hard copies.Please advise where I could get them from. Many Thanks Amina Toefy Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 20:13:55 +0000 To:

  9. How do I purchase?

  10. Hi how much for the hard copies when you in N.Zealand and can i pay thru paypal, and will you post it for me? Thanks Sheila

  11. Robbie Kahn

    You still owe me one book/ When will I receive it?


  12. hw do i purchase these book

  13. How do I purchase these books?

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