Cakes For Kids

Cakes For Kids

Cakes For Kids – Free Birthday Cakes For Less Privileged Children

A Cape Malay Cooking & Other Delights Initiative – established in memory of our deceased parents. May Allah / God elevate their status in paradise, ameen.

I started this initiative (Cakes For Kids) after doing much research. I wanted to do something for the children in care homes, etc or whose parents simply can’t afford to give their child a birthday cake. I know from my own children and grandchildren even if you don’t have a party or a gift a simple cake makes a huge difference on their birthdays. Currently we cater for over 450 children and some adults from 16 institutes.


Our Recipients

We support all sorts of less privileged children and youth, they might be in orphanages, sheltered accommodation, safe houses, care homes, in low income housing with or without parent/s. We aim to raise these children’s self esteem and confidence with this seemingly simple gift on their special day. It may be just a cake, but the children we bake for know somebody took the time and effort to do something special just for them. The children realise they are important and in turn can have an impact on the world.


Get Involve

1 – You can contribute by donating a free birthday cake.

2 – Can’t bake? We accept cash donations which in turn is used to purchase birthday cakes from our home bakers          who sponsor cakes. As a result we donating a birthday cake and creating jobs. Two good deeds in one!

3 – Can’t bake or donate? We need volunteers to deliver the cakes.


DONATE HERE – accept donations via PayPal (international)  as well as PayFast (national)

Cakes For Kids – Free Birthday Cakes For Less Privileged Children is registered as a non profit organisation in England and Wales, Company Number 10351234



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Some of the cakes we donated in the past.
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Cape Malay Cooking & Other Delights – giving back to the community


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