Introducing Salwaa’s Pre-Mix Cooking Sauces and Ready Mixed Spices

Made in Cape Town, South Africa

Reduce your cooking time by a fraction of the time. All you have to do is add your choice of meat or alternatives, some yoghurt or fresh cream for the butter chicken and you done! Enjoy the rich and authentic flavours of freshly ground spices without preservatives.

Also available at Salwaa’s Cape Malay Store at 377 on Imam Haron Rd, cnr of Lockerby Rd, Lansdowne, Cape Town

You can now shop all our products online

Our NEW easy to use pre-mix cooking sauces and spices will transport your taste-buds straight back to your mom’s kitchen. Our spice range opens your eyes and taste buds to a whole and fresh new way of life. Easy to use, cutting your cooking time considerably to spend on the more important things in life.


Our pre-mix cooking sauces comes in curry, akhni and butter chicken. We’ve done all the cleaning, chopping and measuring, all you need is your protein and or vegetables to make an authentic Cape Malay dish. No added additives.

We have a wide range of dry spice mixers available. All products of our range have been carefully selected to provide you with the best flavours. Each product comes with instructions on how to use. No more buying different spices, we’ve got it covered. Our dry spice range comes in curry, akhni, butter chicken, BBQ/braai, tandoori, tikka, breyani, boeber mix and our very popular product, koesister ready mix.


Cape Malay & Other Delights Cookbook


We also have a frozen range available to purchase online or at our shop.  Https://

Salwaa’s Cape Malay Kitchen 5 Alleman Road, Newfields


Purchase here for local and national delivery –


Salwaa’s Cape Malay Kitchen, 5 Alleman Road, Newfields, 

WhatsApp +27 71 924 9583

From My Kitchen To Yours – keeping our heritage alive!

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