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Delicious Homemade Doughnuts

Light, fluffy, airy, soft glazed, sugared or cream doughnuts. These may just be the best homemade doughnuts you will ever make and they are sinfully addictive!

This soft and fluffy doughnuts is one of my best doughnut recipes, passed down from my mother. I’ve made it countless times since a teenager growing up in Surrey Estate, Cape Town. I’ve shared the recipe before and many have made it with great success!

The ingredients used in my recipe are simple everyday store cupboard ingredients:

Flour, you can use cake, plain or all-purpose flour

Yeast, the instant yeast are perfect to use

Milk, either whole or semi-skimmed

Eggs, I prefer using large and free-range eggs

Vanilla essence


White sugar

Butter, I use pure butter but a good baking butter is good to use as well

Coconut Doughnuts Filled With Fresh Cream

Cook’s Tips:

What happens if the doughnuts haven’t been proofed properly?

Over-proofed – leads to oily, collapsed, flat doughnuts.

Under-proofed – leads to stiffer (denser) doughnuts that don’t puff up well when fried.

You might be tempted to shallow fry the doughnuts with less oil. DO NOT do that! Please make sure there’s a good amount of oil, allowing the doughnuts to freely float while being fried.

Doughnuts are best eaten on the same day they are made! You can however, freeze the unglazed doughnuts in an airtight container or zip lock bag for future use. Defrost at room temperature before glazing and filling.

How To Make Doughnuts Video Tutorial

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