The Story of the Cape Malay! – Discussion Forum

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The Story of the Cape Malay! – Discussion Forum.


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  1. Well I left South Africa 40 years ago, having lived in Cape Town, moved to UK and 6 years ago retired to France. I enjoyed reading about Cape Malay history, fascinating!!! Thank you for the recipes I am going to try making samosas…its the folding which bothers me!!! Keep up the good cooking!!!

    Daphne Clarke (nee) Stephens

  2. Dear Cape Malay Cooking South Africa,
    I am from South Africa and are in Australia now for 34 years, but I still miss our South African Dishes that we used to make. I still make all our South African Food here in Australia. I loved the Cape Malay Cooking so much in Cape Town, especially the Meat Samoosas and the Curries which the Cape Malay People made. But here in Victoria the State where I live in Australia I can’t find any Cape Malay People who can make these Meat Samoosas for me and the Curries etc. Do you perhaps know of a shop or someone who might be able to make this for me?
    My email is:
    I am looking for ward to hear from you.

    Many Thanks,
    Amanda van Vuuren.

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Thank you for your message, unfortunately I don’t know much people in Australia. Keep well and hope you will try and make your own samoosas and curries the Cape Malay Style 🙂