Rille Gebak

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Rille Gebak is similar to spiced doughnuts made into a distinctive diamond shape. The texture inside is moist and soft whilst the outside is crispy. Rille Gebak can be dipped in sugar syrup or dipped in cinnamon sugar. I dipped mine in cinnamon sugar. My Aunty Labeba kindly shared her recipe with me, I only made half of the recipe and got out approximately 25 rille Gebak. She tells me the last time she made it was when my grandfather was alive!

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Rille Gebak


1 cup brown sugar

200g butter

4 Tbsp oil

2 large eggs

500g self-raising flour (small packet)

Pinch salt

1 tsp baking powder

2 tsp fine ginger

2 tsp fine cardamom

2 tsp fine cinnamon

2 tsp fine naartjie peel (dried satsuma peel) see cook’s note below

¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 – 1¼ cup milk

Oil for deep frying

Cook’s tip

You may use brown sugar or yellow sugar

I keep all my naartjie peels, dry in the air fryer or oven then grind in a spice grinder.

As a guide, I only use 250ml measuring cups

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Rafiekah Jardine says; “I had this at least 30 years ago when my great aunt, ghalati (I really should find out what her name was) made them.”

Adri du Pont says; “The last time I had the honour and pleasure of having authentic, honest rillebak was in 1991 in Paarl ❤️”